A$AP Rocky Attackers Under Investigation For Assault

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Free A$AP Rocky!

Pretty Boy Flacko has been locked up in Sweden unjustly, after being charged after an assault broke out between him and a local.

Recently, several celebrities and fans have began a #JusticeForRocky movement and even started a petition on Change.org after the news was revealed Rocky was being held in inhumane conditions.

According to a press release from Swedish Prosecution Authority, the Swedish men who fought A$AP Rocky and his entourage are now being investigated for molestation and assault.

Check Out ASAP Rocky's Jail And See If Its Like Rikers Or A College Dorm! - AllHipHop.com

Check Out ASAP Rocky’s Jail And See If Its Like Rikers Or A College Dorm! – AllHipHop.com

What is the living condition that ASAP Rocky is living in? Take a look!


The statement reads: “The preliminary investigation continues regarding the American artist who is detained by the Stockholm District Court in Sweden on suspicion of assault in Stockholm. There is also a preliminary investigation in the case concerning the aggrieved party who is suspected of molestation and assault.”

The Prosecutor’s Office claims the aggrieved party isn’t the artist, but the men who followed them in the street fight. While no details have been revealed about what actions lead to the possibility of a molestation charge, one source states it’s not sexual and has nothing to do with inappropriate touching. 

The rep adds, “Molestation (‘ofredande’ in Swedish) is a crime according to Swedish law. It means roughly: A person who physically attacks someone or exposes someone to disruptive contacts or exposes someone to other ruthless actions.”

The penalty for molestation is fire or a max sentence of one year. Rocky remains under investigation for assault charges.