Fans Are Convinced Fetty Wap Is On Drugs After This Photo

New Jersey rap star Fetty Wap has been laying low for some time while taking on new fatherhood and new music.

When he posted an up-close shot of himself to Instagram with an unidentifiable substance around his nose, however, fans raised suspicion of a new dangerous habit he might be picking up as well.

In the picture, there appears to be a white circle of powder around his nose, which fans reminded is a tell-tale indicator of cocaine use for many celebrities. Comments began piling up on the post suggesting that Fetty’s been using the elite drug of choice. But let Mr. 1738 remind you that he’s only got two guilty pleasures of choice, and coke isn’t one of them.

“Y’all funny af I don’t roll like that,” he wrote in response to the fans. “I ain’t deleting sh** cause everybody who [knows] me know I don’t play those games…I smoke big weed [and] I drink Hennessy nothin less or more.”

Welp—you all heard the man.

See the photo in question and Fetty’s clarification below.