iPad Pro (2018) review: Apple reinvents the tablet… again


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Whenever I get a new gadget to review, I try to focus on its standout features and use them to their fullest to get a deeper understanding of the product’s strengths and weaknesses.

With the iPhone XR, it mainly came down to the display and not having a secondary camera, so we shot all the product photos for the review with another iPhone XR to see if I’d miss the iPhone XS’s better screen and more versatile camera (spoiler: no).

For Apple’s new iPad Pros (2018), I did my best to use my 12.9-inch review unit to do everything a customer might use it for — things like drawing, editing video, writing, reading, watching videos, listening to music, playing 3D games, and then trying to do as many of these things simultaneously like you might on a laptop or desktop computer. Read more…

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