Jay-Z Reportedly Signs Roc Nation Deal With The NFL!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Wait a second! I thought we were boycotting the NFL!? Now, I know everybody ain’t out here marching, but a lot of us are low key/high key STILL not f#cking with the NFL! Shout out to Kaepernick! We are still riding for homie, as he is not working and was discriminated against, black balled and conspired against by the league. But now, we see that Roc Nation is about the rock with the owners. OK, lets see what this is about!

Per Front Office Sports:

The NFL is poised to announce a sweeping business partnership with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, sources tell Front Office Sports.

Roc Nation is planning a press conference for Wednesday in New York. The company declined comment Tuesday. An NFL spokesman also declined to comment.

If it comes to fruition, an alliance could be a smart deal for both sides. Partnering with Jay-Z’s firm would help give the NFL more credibility while tapping the knowledge of a wide-ranging entertainment company with its finger on the pulse of the younger, urban audience. Jay-Z’s 11-year old Roc Nation, meanwhile, would be able to point to a partnership with the $15 billion NFL, the nation’s most popular and powerful sports league, as it looks to further expand into sports.

Well I see what’s going on.

Should we be upset? I think that the could go both ways. I am hoping that Jay-Z social justice warrior side comes out so that there can be an HONEST, and profitable to help the players in the NFL. On the other side, business is business and I tend not to think the League is going to relent on anything. Now, ratings are down again so perhaps they will. We can’t say yet, but my gut doesn’t like it. My brain says it may work!

Interestingly enough, Jay-Z and The Roc Nation team represent Saquon Barkley, who is a fierce and uncompromising supporter of Colin Kaepernick, so we are definitely playing chess, not checkers! I will meditate over it later tonight and then check the comments later.

What do you think?

Jay-Z Is Making Big Plans For Roc Nation Expansion - AllHipHop.com

Jay-Z Is Making Big Plans For Roc Nation Expansion – AllHipHop.com

The hip-hop mogul is taking over a few buildings to take Roc Nation to another level.