Meditate, improve focus, and be happier in 2019: These courses and apps are on sale


New year, new you, new… brain?

Before you ask, no — we’re not going to force you through a Get Out-inspired transplant. We’re merely recommending you subscribe to one of these seven affordable brain-training bundles and apps so that your mind’s in shape this year. 

Whether you want to start practicing meditation, improving your focus, or learning strategies to become more confident, these course collections and tools will upgrade your brain for a healthier, happier 2019.

Here’s what’s on sale:

1. Supercharged Brain Training Bundle

This four-part bundle contains almost 20 hours of neurologically proven strategies that can help you reprogram your brain for improved productivity and focus. Included are two courses on rewiring your brain, one class on improving your focus and learning how to multitask, and one course about boosting your comprehension via speed-reading techniques. Read more…

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