The final ‘Game of Thrones’ twist? Why Bran Stark could end up on the Iron Throne


As has been made all too clear in its eighth and final season, Game of Thrones delights in giving us wild twists we never saw coming. Putting the communication-challenged Three-Eyed Raven Bran Stark on a throne he never sought, and isn’t even in line for, would certainly qualify as “wild.” 

But would it be unforeseen? 

Not according to the betting markets, which have taken an oddly pro-Bran turn in recent days. Indeed, one of them — a bookie with its roots in the Iron Throne’s real-world home, Northern Ireland — has suspended betting on Bran altogether. 

“The betting has been in favor of Bran Stark for quite some time,” writes Lawrence Lyons, a spokesperson for BoyleSports, an Ireland-wide gambling franchise. “but it became relentless in the past couple of weeks and we had to act … it seems that punters [gamblers] believe the winner is all but crowned.“  Read more…

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