Troubleshooters; Car Port

On today’s Troubleshooters, a local woman says she paid a contractor approximately $3000.00 to do some work at her house.
You can probably guess what happened, and why she’s called us for help.

“I’m angry that my hard earned money is going to an individual, and he did god knows what with my money. What does that feel like ? First off I’m embarassed that I was dumb enough to trust somebody that I didn’t know,” she told the Troubleshooters.

Amanda Zamarano is talking about Emiliano Guzman Caro, who she hired and paid more than $3000.00 for materials and labor, weeks ago,
to build a laundry room addition, and a 20 x 20 car port at her home.

Zamarano admits she had the posts taken down because Caro didn’t dig the holes deep enough for the size car port she wants.
“I google’d it and it said, depending on the size of the car port, it would need to be at least 24-30 inches.”

Zamarano also doesn’t understand why Caro didn’t put a pier under this corner of the addition, or why there are openings like this in the roof. Because when it rains, she claims it gets wet inside.

The contract shows a completion date of June 10th, weather permitting.

The Troubleshooters went to the address we have for Emiliano Guzman Caro.
No one came to the door.
But Zamarano told us what happened when she knocked.
“I went to his residence. His wife said that he had been mia. So he’s just, I don’t know.”
We also called the number on Caro’s business card, but couldn’t leave a message.

Zamarano just sent this demand letter to Caro, giving him a deadline to respond.
And if that doesn’t work, she’ll take him to Small Claims Court.
She wants most of her money back.

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