Wack 100 Says He’ll “Never Fold” After Nipsey Hussle Comments

Blueface’s manager, Wack 100 might have dug himself in a joke following the comments he made about the late Nipsey Hussle. According to Wack, he feels Nipsey was not a legend. Ouch. I know a lot of LA natives weren’t here for that comment; neither was T.I. and Meek Mill.

T.I. posted the definition of a legend and wrote that it had Nipsey’s name all over it.

Wack wasn’t here for T.I.’s opinion and quickly responded with an old video of the rapper in a news clip for Atlanta Crimestoppers. 

T.I. responded posting a cartoon that says, “people on Twitter vs people in real life.” The cartoon shows how people on social media respect music artists in real life versus how they act behind a screen.

 Wack came back posting an old story about T.I. testifying in a murder trial against his “best and oldest friend.”

Wack also posted that he will never fold no matter what the odds are.