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February 2019

It is beyond evident that we love tacos down here and we all have our favorites. I especially, have a taco joint for probably every kind of taco. Each place has it’s thing, but my favorite kind of thing comes in the form of a massive breakfast taco that I don’t have to scarf down in 10 minutes or less. I may cruise through them faster than I’d like, but I’m eating at my pace. These aren’t the gargantuan taco challenge

Valentines Day is coming fast so you better be prepared but don’t worry we’re going to get you started with some f-ing awesome ideas. These also won’t be the humdrum let’s go to a fancy place because we have to Valentine’s Day dates. We have low brow to dress up to a sexy spice up your sex life date! HEART SHAPED PIZZA House of Rock and Mesquite st Pizza are both serving up a heart shaped pizza and nothing shows love better than

You’ve probably heard the phrase “your Corpus is showing”, there was even a shirt dedicated to this phrase to shame you on the Corpus shady things we came to inherit from our environment. This phrase has no color or creed, it does not discriminate. As much as you don’t want this moniker to claim you… it will. 1.PARKING LOT DIAPERS This isn’t even a thing, is it? Yeah, I said the same thing before I found out it was a common occurrence to